Data Loss Prevention

Your most crucial asset is under threat.

It’s an age-old maxim that people are an organisation’s greatest asset. But in a fast-changing digital world, these beliefs are being challenged: it is information that makes businesses run successfully. Protecting this invaluable asset is crucial if your business is to secure a prosperous future.

Protecting your assets

Part of taking care of your information is knowing exactly where it is. Many businesses today employ Data Loss Prevention systems that help determine this, however, the multifunctional devices (MFDs) that sit on your network open up holes in this protection layer. Only Canon can help you fully address them.

Why are MFDs at risk?

The printers on your network aren’t the printers of old. Modern multifunctional devices (MFDs) are servers, running an operating system with hard disks and network connections. These are devices that send and receive emails, have a built in web server, can access file shares, as well as store vast quantities of information.
When you consider that nearly a quarter of all security breaches occur through ‘paper based records’, you can imagine the potential risks involved. Often however, implementation or administration of these devices is handled outside the control of your IT department, and therefore external to any Data Loss Prevention policies.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Canon

Canon’s unique Data Loss Prevention solutions use software that resides on the server and multifunctional device (MFD). Any print, fax, scan and copy activity passing through your company can be monitored and it can be determined whether access should be permitted to it or not.