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High powered document conversion.

IRISDocument™ is a powerful document conversion and compression solution that accelerates the transformation of documents.

Enhanced operational capability

IRISDocument™ extends the options available to organisations and their business applications with the ability to create a multitude of electronic image and document formats. Specialising in high-speed, high-volume processing, files are transformed and optimised into valuable, operational information. Together with state-of-the-art compression technology, it revolutionises the way you process, structure, store and utilise your digital assets.

Enhance the value of your information

IRISDocument™ transforms files into searchable, structured, multi-purpose electronic documents. Numerous output formats, together with document-naming and separation options, provide true versatility, helping departments and enterprises to readily exploit the value of information residing in your systems.

Process automation, streamlined working.

IRISPowerscan™ is the ideal solution for your document capture requirements. Designed to cope with scalable workloads, this specialist software transforms paper-based documents into valuable digital assets at speed.

Save time and automate workflows Cut time-consuming manual processes and free up resources to focus on your core business. Automate routine, error-prone tasks involved with document handling and associated naming, indexing and filing. Create searchable, multi-purpose, electronic documents using intelligent recognition technology.

Increase the value of your information

Utilise powerful extraction and data reuse capabilities and exploit otherwise static information held in your documents. Automatically classify and validate data against a pre-defined set of business rules.

Environmentally responsible and cost effective

Make process improvements with IRISPowerscan™ and reduce the need to copy, print and store documents – significantly cutting paper consumption, wastage and storage costs. An environmental approach that will be welcomed by staff and customers.

Manage regulatory compliance

Archive all paper and electronic documents, and record document audit trails to ensure better control and management of organisational information. Apply document security and authenticate
user access rights to comply with increasing
regulatory compliance.

Powerful integration

With our help IRISPowerscan™ can be tailored on a number of levels to meet the bespoke requirements of your workflow.

We offer a host of powerful integration capabilities.
• Integrate with the I.R.I.S suite of products and extend document output capabilities for additional added value.
• Enhance the front-end capabilities of your document management system, by integrating IRISPowerscan™ directly with Canon Therefore™, or simply connect straight into Microsoft SharePoint.
• Create seamless, bespoke links with a variety of other document and enterprise content management systems, using the Application Programming Interface (API).