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Instant access to key information maximises efficiency

Information is the lifeblood of your business – the backbone of effective decision-making. So it’s frustrating when on average people spend over four hours per week looking for information*. Therefore™ quickly overhauls these inefficiencies with an easy-to-implement storage and retrieval system, giving everyone instant access to all the information they need efficiently, economically and securely.

Easy filing the Therefore™ way

Put simply, Therefore™ allows you to create an electronic filing cabinet for all your business information. With it, you can capture, organise and access fixed content, images, documents, reports and other business-critical information. Locating stored information is simple via a universal interface, or even the web, so staff require minimal training resulting in a far more efficient way of working.

Electronically file all types of information

These days information comes in many formats and from many different sources. With Therefore™ that’s not an issue. Paper documents, electronic files, barcodes, and emails – they’re all effortlessly manageable with Therefore™.

With Therefore™ Anywhere, users can search, edit and view documents while not being connected to a Therefore™ server. When they reconnect, all changes are synchronized. This feature enables staff to access and edit documents even when away from the office.

Improve efficiency with Therefore™ Workflow

This powerful feature allows you to create multiple workflows, transforming the way information flows through your business*. Editable templates allow you to visualise processes, and drag and drop functionality makes it easy to transform paper-based workflows into streamlined digital ones. Since tasks can be expressed in days, hours or minutes, it’s easy to see who’s doing what and when, enabling quick resolution of process inefficiencies.

Integration with how you work means quick results

Therefore™ dramatically improves the way you use information but more importantly it pays heed to the way you currently work. At its heart is the powerful Therefore™ Solution Designer giving you the flexibility to define workflow processes and storage policies, manage settings, and import new licenses. This way, you’re in complete control, enabling you to realise a faster return on investment.

Seamless integration with Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010

SharePoint customers can benefit from seamless integration with Therefore™, improving the capture and management of business-critical paper based information. Therefore™ sits beneath SharePoint to formalise the indexing and storage of documents. It also reduces the size of the SharePoint database, which allows it to keep running at top speed, irrespective of data volume.

Desktop integration with Windows® applications

Therefore™ integrates with Microsoft® Office applications including PowerPoint®, Word and Excel®. The system stores documents and their associated index data using standard menus. This provides full revision control and a complete audit history.