Reforest the planet where it needs it most!

Step 1. Measure Allow The Red Corner to measures your company’s paper consumption over time, calculating your forest impact.

Step 2. Certify 100% of your paper consumption is certifiably reforested at global planting projects of your choice.

Step 3. Verify SGS International, our certifying body, verifies 100% net survivability of the trees at each reforestation project.

You print one. We’ll plant one.

The World’s First Platform for Automated Global Reforestation

Mapsiot in partnership with PrintReleaf empowers businesses to certifiably reduce the environmental impact of using paper products by automatically planting trees across a global network of reforestation projects.

Through Mapsiot, paper consumption is measured and trees are automatically reforested across PrintReleaf’s global network of certified reforestation projects to continually offset a customer’s environmental impact.

Mapsiot guarantees every sheet of paper a customer consumes will be reforested at a rate of 8,333 sheets of standard letter (8.5 × 11″ 20lb paper) or 37.16kg per tree (40ft height × 7in width or 12.192m × 0.1778m).

This open-source formula is widely and generally accepted as the industry standard as established by the Environmental Paper Network. The Environmental Paper Network is a coalition of over one hundred global organizations including the Environmental Defense Fund and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

PrintReleaf certifies the reforestation of each customer’s forest
footprint according to the measurement and calculations defined
in the PrintReleaf Standard. When their forest footprint is reforested,
customers are issued certificates for trees planted at reforestation
projects of their choice. These certificates serve as living documents
which are automatically updated when the trees are planted,
audited, and verified survived over an eight year timeline.

PrintReleaf have developed a rigorous audit process with our certifying
body, SGS International, a leading global forestry auditor with expertise
in Chain of Custody (CoC) certification, to uphold and maintain the
integrity of the PrintReleaf Standard.
Each reforestation project is audited over an eight year verification
timeline to ensure 100% net survivability of trees. From the time of
planting through the final audit, customers have transparent visibility
on the timing and success of each audit during the entire process.

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