Toner Bottle Recycle

Recycle your Canon toner bottles and cartridges

Canon has entered into a referral partnership with eReco for the provision of Toner Bottle Recycling in order to support our customers in their quest to recycle waste.

From a customer perspective what is it that makes eReco stand out from the crowd?

eReco are able to offer a 100% environment-friendly, cost effective, toner bottle and cartridge recycling service, with all of the material being utilised in the manufacture of other products.

As far as we are aware, eReco is one of a few if not the only company in the UK that will take on board the complete process of toner bottle and cartridge recycling, in particular to provide a “green” result without any component ever ending up in a landfill site.

Within this scheme eReco is able to provide customers with detailed asset tracking reports and associated waste transfer paperwork in order for them to comply with current waste duty of care legislation.

eReco operate a 0% landfill disposal policy and their service is 100% auditable.  No “downcycling” – the high quality polymer that is produced as part of the process they provide can be re-manufactured a number of times, other recycling methods (such as the production of plastic wood) can only be used once, hence eReco provide sustained recycling capability.

Feel free to make contact on the details below to discuss resolving your Toner Bottle Recycling issues:

Free recycling programmes for selected Canon Toner and Canon Inkjet Cartridges