Recycle your Canon toner bottles and cartridges – Oxfordshire

Did you know that around 65 million printer cartridges are sold each year in the UK and of these, only around 15% are recycled or reused?

These days we are all more aware of our impact on the environment, particularly around the use of plastics. This is why we are proud to offer a toner bottle recycling service to our customers, in partnership with our recycling strategic partners.

We started our Canon toner bottle recycling service in order to support customers in their quest to recycle waste and lessen their environmental impact.

Our toner recycling solution provides a 100% environment-friendly, cost-effective, cartridge and toner bottle recycling service, with all the material being recycled to manufacture other products. The result is so green that no component will ever end up in a landfill site.  Our toner recycling service operates a 0% disposal policy and it is 100% auditable.

We also provide customers with detailed asset tracking reports and associated waste transfer paperwork in order for them to comply with the current waste duty of care legislation. The service is also national and fully managed. We will send you full instructions and arrange a collection.

• Fully audited and certified.

• 100% secure destruction for data.

• Controlled access facilities.

• CCTV and restricted access.

• Complete Corporate Compliance.

• Zero goes to landfill.

Since its inception, our scheme has diverted tonnes of consumables from landfill, benefiting our environment – for us today – and for future generations.

Contact to discuss resolving your toner bottle recycling challenges – or simply fill out the form below.

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