Capture, publish and share content directly to any business application.

KOFAX connects Canon multi-functional devices (MFDs) and scanners to your company’s software applications. This enables low-cost, easy and instantaneous processing, management and distribution of paper and PDF documents, and the information they contain.

This digitisation of documents allows you to capture and integrate paper-based or PDF information into your digital workflows and work more efficiently, at the touch of a button, speeding up communication and employee effectiveness.

With KOFAX and Canon MFDs you can make working with documents more productive and processes more effective, reduce costs significantly, make information more secure – and help everyone in the business work more closely together.

With KOFAX, employees can quickly access critical documents to keep business moving smoothly. Whether they’re working together or collaborating with vendors or customers, employees can use multi-function devices to access all types of documents in the office, on smartphones or tablets to capture data whenever – and wherever – they need it.

Nothing but benefits...

KOFAX automates paper-to-digital workflows and puts information from paper documents into the systems that help to run your business. It’s an industry-leading mail and file system integration package that is sophisticated, yet easy to use. It gives frontline office workers advanced features normally found only in centralised capture software systems used by production capture specialists.

Use KOFAX and benefit from:

• Modules and payments that switch on and off as required

• Rapid deployment and configuration

• Complete control

• Automated workflows and vastly reduced bottlenecks

• Simplified complex tasks

• Integration with virtually any backend system

• Extended use of mobile devices

• An ideal solution for any size company


Choose KOFAX to truly digitise your business.
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